Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a team?

If someone wants to set up a team, click the "Register" button on the event page for which they wish to be a part. Please note: adding additional team members to your team can be done more easily by the team organizer who initially registers the team. Everyone who joins a team after the initial team is created must be vetted by the team organizer.

How does someone pledge a donation to a team?

A person pledging to a team may either pledge to the team as a whole, or choose to pledge to an individual member of that team. The amount pledged will be reflected in both the individual participant's goal as well as the goal of the overall team.

How can I send out my link on email or social media so people can sponsor me online?

Send people to the website. From there they can search for the team or participant.

For privacy and security purposes, minors (children under 13) are not listed on the website and are not searchable. In this case the team organizer can provide specific links to allow pledging to our younger participants throught their adminstrative area. There are three sharing options in this admin area: Share on Twitter, Share on Facebook, or Share through email.

Can I register someone else using the same email address I used to register myself?

Yes you can! You can register someone else using the same email address. You can manage multiple participants and teams under your email address. If you no longer have the email that provided access to your management area, you can have a reminder sent to you by clicking the button below and following the steps.

Send me a reminder email

How much does it cost to register a team or participant?

There is no longer a fee to participate in this event.